Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Football or Fakeball?

No Nothing. No matter how much I try to get infected by Soccer flu, the FIFA WC fever doesn't catches me.The only thing I know about football team is their country's capital.

Perhaps if India had qualified it would have been interesting.
Which springs forth to this question..
Why is India inherently bad at football but is Brazil of cricket?

I can think of two reasons..
Fitness. In soccer, first you acquire physical fitness and gradually the required skills but in cricket fitness comes second to skills (physical fitness is under-rated in India). VVS Laxman and Virendra Sehwag were not the fittest of players but went on to play some historic knocks.

Secondly, the problem lies with the game itself. Football is an "unjust game" with which Indians cannot relate. There is a huge incentive for the players to cheat. A single goal can make a huge difference in soccer which is why players/referee cheats (eg:- faking an injury in box can earn you a penalty kick ). While in the Gentleman’s game, there is very limited scope of cheating. Moreover, in Football a team which dominates the game may still lose while in Cricket, a team which dominates the game is always rewarded.

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  1. I need to search and learning about cricket hehe......... i'm missing old football brazilian players :(