Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Airport Ennui

Window shopping is the best cure for ennui at the airport but in-flight journey is usually boring. I have found a solution - don't put your earpiece. Observe.

The sight of two beautiful girls infront of your seat taking 15 selfies (nonstop) with 15 different expressions as soon as they were seated. At first you try to judge and feel pity but when you see you're also coming in the frame, you change your opinion to 'they are having fun' (how vulnerable the male sex is as a result of their biological configuration). I have always wonder how different expressions come naturally to them. When I try, it's always the same - as expressive as a rock whether it's a single click or ten.

All set to take off. The supersonic engine has started and the aircraft has taken considerable speed. The fear that terrorises your heart when the metallic kite lifts itself from the tarmac - the sound of drones making it unbelievable that the flight successfully took off.

There is an elderly grey-haired gentleman sitting next to you, gives a moist and blissful yawn a-a-a every five minutes. The lack of leg-space is troubling both of us - he in the middle while myself in the aisle seat. Sitting beside him is a young man in his own world with earpiece stuck in his ears, enchanted in his musical milieu. He has a muscular physique that dominates the space around him.

Then there are wonderful petite air-hostesses. The untroubled eyes, the features firm, the superfluous makeup - immune to our fancies - giving us imperial edicts on safety and demeanour. They apparently absorb most of the beholders attention disallowing them any freedom of thoughts. If school is where they teach turbulence and aerodynamics, it's 30,000 feet above sea level where you learn about rare combination of beauty with diplomacy and hospitality.

Sitting across the aisle, is a young Bengali couple in their thirties, both immersed in reading William Dalrymple. I had continuously stared at the huge luggage of theirs, wondering what lay inside, during check-in at the airport; they are now skeptical of me as I try to peep which book of Dalrymple are they reading.

As soon as the announcement of landing travelled in our ears, one of the two girls sitting infront of me started doing her hairs. She uses the front camera of her phone to check if the looks are perfect (reason why phones are called smart), gives her phone to the other girl with the intention of sprucing her looks but she quickly avails the opportunity to take a selfie of herself. This clearly doesn't went down well with her as she snatches the phone and gave a rebuking look of 'how dare you took a selfie without me'.

Now, I am bored of observing. Over and out.

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