Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The World's most weird cases

In September 2004, judge Ak Patabendige of Sri Lanka jailed a man for yawning in the court.

A Father from Beijing was refused legal permission to name his son “@” after the keyboard character. Permission was declined on legal basis that all names should capable of being translated into mandarin.

In 2007, a court in India was asked to decide whether a vibrating condom is contraceptive or a sex toy as sex toy is banned in India.

In 2005, a 31 year old Brazilian woman sued her husband for failing to give her orgasms.

In 2004, Timohy Dumouchei from Fond du Lac sued a tv channel for making his wife fat and transforming his children to “lazy channel surfers”. Around 1 lac American lawyers were occupied for a while later it was rejected.

In 1874,Francis Evans while acting as magistrate in Winnipeg, Canada try himself on a charge of drinking in public place. He convicted himself and fined himself with 5$.But later he stated……”Francis Evans taking into account past good behaviour ,your fine is remitted”

In 2005,a Russian astrologer sued NASA for £165 million for “disrupting the balance of the universe” .The Moscow court accepted the claim but later it was rejected.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Down in the dumps......

When I asked my cousin “which is our national sport”, the answer was pretty obvious to my conscience “Cricket” ……..
Hockey, once an Indian pride is now India’s ignominy. It has now become the national film or rather national slogan which is quiet famous “chak de india”.
The game is successful stuff in bollywood films but has little relevance in reality. There was once a time when Indian hockey was at its zenith with no one dare to compete .When Dhyanchand and his men used to raise their sticks all the Indians used to roar with them. They dominated the whole of globe ( chak de was not released then ). At that time hockey was considered as game more of skills of a stick and short passes. The rules were very much suited to the indigenous. The west realized that the 8th time Olympic gold medalist is invincible so rather changing their own game they changed the rules. The ban on raising the stick above waist height, playing on astro turfs dismantled the skills and focused more on fitness, stamina and long passes. Indian hockey entered into period of eclipse and today it is in the darkness.
These factors were anodized by the office bearers of the IHF. The chairperson as-a-(w)hole :) has done a tremendous job in deprecating the standards of Indian hockey. Under his regime 13 coaches were sacked or resigned. It is simplistic to blame one person for the debacle after 80 years.
After this debacle the souls of our heroes will mourn……..

O’mighty Indian hockey,
Dost thou lie so low.
All thy conquest, glories, triumphs, spoils,
Shrunk to this little measure…..fare thee well.