Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tryst on the Clouds..

Here is the compilation of some of my experiences and thoughts while getting bored on the plane, flying back from home to bangalore yesterday!!

1. My love for Air-hostess’ grew as a kid watching Madhuri Dixit gyrating in the farm of pulses (Chane ke khet me).She played the character of an air-hostess in that movie (Anjaam)

2. While serving refreshments the air-hostess relentlessly looked onto my chest as if it were breasts. I reciprocated…the difference was huge. Then I finally realized she was figuring out my tee liner which read “Face..boozzze 74 people likes this!”

3. The difference between a train and a plane is same as the difference between Chai-wala in train and Chai-wali on plane

4. What is similarity between java and an airplane? Both have garbage collector

5. While getting down the airplane, the airhostess thanked me for choosing spice jet. I nodded my head and asked her “ acha tell me one thing…do you have any idea What is the mileage of this plane?” She was aww-struck as if she suddenly got her stomach bulging out into her last month..Before she could call her brothers(stewards)…I put down my glares from my forehead and walked passed her

6. And finally, Air-hostess ho toh kingfisher jaisi ho varna na ho!! \\Mallya roxx//