Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time and Tide never waits...

When I was a child, I use to often hear my dad saying "Waqt se bada koi dost nahi hota aur waqt se bada koi dushman nahi" (Time is the best pal as well as best enemy).At that age I was very much ignorant.But today I can realize how it can create an impact on the common man.People often says I don't have time.It's just like saying you don't have time to stop for fuel because you are too busy driving.<

To understand the value of a year ask a student who failed in his exam
To understand the value of a month ask a woman who gave a premature birth
To understand the value of a week ask a editor of a weekly magazine
To understand the value of an hour ask a man who is waiting for his girlfriend
To understand the value of a minute ask a man who missed his flight
To understand the value of a second ask a man who just survived a hit and run
To understand the value of a millisec ask a silver medalist at Olympics

You must have heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.In that the Hare stops and sleeps just before the finishing line and consequently Tortoise wins the race. Slow and Steady wins the race.This is the moral of the story whic we are learning since our huggies days.But let me tell you that this story is incomplete..yes incomplete.After that race the hare challenged the Tortoise once again and this time he didn't sleep and won. So the moral of the combined story is Slow and Steady 'Completes' the race but Fast and Consistent wins the race.In first story the Tortoise completes the race but in 2nd the Hare wins it.

People often thinks Life is a mere candle but for me Life is not a brief candle it is like a splendid torch which i have to hold for a moment and burnt it as brightly as possible before passing it to future generation.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yaadein..Yaad aati hain !

Both lived in the same building , played several game amongst long time back. The bull dog ignorant when she grew and his love too. He would spend hours waiting in the stairs for the bull frog to open the door till the milkman arrived exactly at 7:45 in dark. Both eyes met, he turned red, she turned pink ,millions of words exchanged in that silent glare. In that one second they lived their live in utopia. The bull dog had a caller tune

“O the bull dog on the bank
And the bull frog in the pool
The bull dog saw the bull frog
In green old water pool”

But the tra-lal-lal-la was missing!

”She is so Beautiful”, he pouted to his mate when she closed her door. He would always think of giving some bucks to the milkyman so that he can stare her long but always feared (at that time the Do The Dew ad was not so famous).Hysterically he would go straight back to his floor to see his face in the glass how he looked when she saw him and when his instinct(basic) said yes he would blissfully blush (he is male but still…). His eyes said it all. The bull dog slumber went for a run and he could only see elegance personified frog compared with bollywood queens. The bull dog‘s plethora of talent came to his toe when he thought of vibes with her….his temple went blank whenever she came close to him. He in his deep shell of shyness, she in her kaleidoscope of shyness..both numb.
Once he captured her in his moto phone, he was so ardent that he made oblivious blunder of not storing it.. He never before repented in his life as he was architect of future but for the first time.
Both na├»ve caught by the stupid cupid(Aaja re panchi khol guthiya-Jhoom Barabar Jhoom). A cupid day came, atlast he was adamant to call her. On the eve of that day she smiled at one of his PJ ,and he was ready to commit……… , yeah that signal was enough to call her. He called, she picked up..