Sunday, July 26, 2015

How to Keep Gynecologists away

Chetan Bhagat, befriended and newly adopted to anti-Modi brigade, calls Modi supporters 'sexually frustrated' and asks them to 'learn English'. Oh the irons of Chattisgarh have started rusting after this irony.

Once, Modi was his best object of praise but now a reason to his frustration.

The conspicuous reason being not getting any favours for his sycophantic paeans (showered during LS election) from Modi Govt. This single thought battering in his brain is eloquently reflected in his rancorous article. His resentment is the result of an infantile mind who still thinks sycophancy will be rewarded.

Having resigned himself to the knowledge that he won't be getting any entitlement, he has started with jabbing darts against Modi supporters. He would surely not stop at this; it's a matter of time when he starts writing imaginary notions against the Govt. An apple a day keeps doctors away. Corollary, not reading Bhagat's books (whose unique selling point is sex) may keep Gynecologists away.

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