Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Laloo, Nitish and Bihar

In politics, taking a U-turn is shrewdness but making an O-turn is sheer art. Nitish Kumar has mastered this political art. He is back to where he started. Laloo and Nitish ‘fought together’ against Congress during emergency, fought with each other in Bihar and now are ‘fighting together’ against BJP. The circle of Friend-Foe-Friend is complete. Before 16th May, 2014, which political pundit would have thought in their wildest imagination that pathological hatred toward one man (Modi) can bring Lalu and Nitish together? In politics, there is certainly a limited advantage of using the past as a template to predict the future.

In 2010 Bihar Assembly election, people showered Nitish Kumar with fountain of trust by giving him a historic mandate. But by aligning with Laloo, he has muddied the fountain that once saved his political career.

Until 2014 LS election, to fulfil his desire of becoming PM, he cloaked his hypocrisy with a cunning brow. He was under the illusion that being the largest partner of BJP he is indispensable to NDA and by allying with the anti-Modi faction within NDA, he will be the only acceptable face to lead the NDA and in-turn become PM. In a jibe to Modi he once said, “Those who dream of becoming PM will even cease to remain CM”. His words were like Cassandra- nobody believed but it became true, the only difference was he made a prediction for himself. He ceased to be CM of Bihar after the LS defeat.

Media and pseudo-secularist hailed him as a Martyr when he resigned for taking the moral responsibility of the drubbing in the 2014 LS election, but the same media and Adarsh Liberals went into hibernation mode when he aligned with a convicted Laloo.

Laloo and Nitish may be united by a Fact but are divided by a Factor.

The Fact is – Stop BJP at any cost.
The Factor is – Who will become the Chief Minister?

Laloo has not aligned with him because of any altruist motive or to assuage him for the LS defeat. He knows enemy’s enemy is a pal. Once the primary enemy is defeated, the weaker pal will dance to his tune. Laloo wants to regain his lost glory- the rustic King of Bihar once he was. His every political utterance is chiselled by his astuteness – “I am drinking poison to stop BJP”- a metaphor to justify alliance with JD(U). Kumar’s delusion will be shattered the day RJD gets more seats than JD(U). Laloo has offered a mirage in the form of alliance to Nitish who is desperate to avenge his LS defeat.

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