Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thomas Days..

Caesar’s destiny was linked with conspiracy but mine had something else in store. I was pretty much obsessive to get into commerce but a thought (AB ad- an idea can change your life…..its true its explicitly true in my case) provoked which made me cross the Rubicon and took science at the eleventh hour of my application letter to principal Mirza.
My school life can be depicted in two phases the Aloysius phase and Thomas phase. The first phase was very much conducive in my intellectual pursuits and the coming elevated my spiritual experience, enriched my mind, cultivated my body, nourished my soul (mind and body heart and soul tujme shakti hai anmol……… love you Shankar, Ehsaan ).I ventured the cocoon of ordinary and began to explore the realm of extraordinary.

I was very anxious….. as an adolescent who is ready for his fresh face first shave about marching into science stream. My first year evanesced analyzing the teachers. Here are some..

Bhadhuri!!!!! can I ever forget this globe shaped phantom, a Schadenfreude, man in black , with black hair incandescent from 3 table spoon of coconut oil , used to oil his moustache too, his bum bigger than the chair. He was the physics teacher, always came with chalks in his hand like an array of bullets completing two to three chapters in probably 35 minutes (chapters even which were not interrelated to each other like rotational motion, optics, semi conductors) .

Monica De!!!!! anyone in our batch will ever forget her……her statement “let the air open and let the window come”. Caution :-That remark is copyright protected so never try to use. Her lectures were so soporific that even a horse would creep.

Rupreka……oh sorry Ruprekha..huh Rooprekha..err the rajdhani express, chemistry teacher she was so fast that sometimes skipped her own notes which she always brought with her to ctrl+c and ctrl +v in the board. She seldom smiled and when she did (sardonically) it was contravening her “12 pound mass between her shoulders” (cynic people I am referring to her face).whenever I heard the word chemistry all my God gifted soaked natures intelligence came to my toes…...i never understood the difference between flask and a beaker while both are meant for keeping solutions :(

Mr.Pandey..a superannuated, jaded,effete creature resembling a toothpick..any thomasite worth his salt please do the honours for him.

I gave a center shock to all (even to me) by coming 9th in class (although it was not my lone effort, classroom was too small and the invigilators were indulgent yet it was a good debut). Here I met the “green mango more” (translate it to hindi and keep to yourself) of our class , Rajwant Singh Chauhan (certainly a stellar in coming years, amazing personality and his name says it all, mind you not Vijay Dinanath..).My soul was mesmerized by his idiosyncrasy , personality, flirting nature, his everest ( 8848m yes still I remember it) like aplomb, his powerful communication, his zen like focus (I m not talking about Tiwari’s car)and his King-kong style of ramp walking at farewell day. With his reference I came in contact with fidel achates(I can keep on adding myriad attributes for days) Ankit Chowdhary aka Karan (and me Arjun as called by VJ bhaiya).Actually we are birds of same feather who always flocks together. In his closure I comprehended the authentic meaning of friendship and today we share an unassailable bond (thank god nobody calls us Jai–Veeru, that’s sounds too tacky).

Thomas days will be incomplete without mentioning the 3 symonds (crap man..I have to revise my Hanuman chalisa ) of the class, Hritwik, Pankaj and Saurav. They were called the 3 triumvirate with little territory to show. If by chance they attended any classes then snowing in Siberia was inevitable. They were the peons of class oops the prefects, use to loiter like an empty kicked cans of cokes. They were often found in junior class(11) which was called the fairyland because the likes of Sonams, Rachnas, Mamtas (their muma bathed gazillion times in milk before giving them birth) dwelt there. Your dark grey cells will reckon I know these because they were my mates ..sorry I was the fourth australian.
I know I refered myself an Australian but they are also human being oops sorry living being (i am going to ramsethu to commit..) Its time to rest my fingers..will come back soon (mind you I m not gangulified :)


  1. Blog URL says Ankit while you mentioned yourself as Arjun in this post? Also, I couldn't find your Blogger profile to know more about you.
    I really enjoyed reading your blog.
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  2. To some writing is a chore but to you it's obviously something you find much pleasure in. Some people naturally have a way of putting words. Nicely done!

  3. I couldn't stop laughing for that 'air go,window come'.......I have read so many faults committed in English,often as SMSes(All three of you stand in a straight circle,WHy are you watching the monkey outside,when I am inside? etc)....But,this one beats all comfortably.....

    and coming to think of it,what is the difference between a flask and a beaker? :o

  4. Sometimes life changes in unplanned ways. Well I always wanted to take science and did take it.

    So did you send this article to your teachers for them to read. I think it is quite unflattering of you to make fun of them like this. They came with the best of intentions for you and have done their best so that you may do well in life.