Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time and Tide never waits...

When I was a child, I use to often hear my dad saying "Waqt se bada koi dost nahi hota aur waqt se bada koi dushman nahi" (Time is the best pal as well as best enemy).At that age I was very much ignorant.But today I can realize how it can create an impact on the common man.People often says I don't have time.It's just like saying you don't have time to stop for fuel because you are too busy driving.<

To understand the value of a year ask a student who failed in his exam
To understand the value of a month ask a woman who gave a premature birth
To understand the value of a week ask a editor of a weekly magazine
To understand the value of an hour ask a man who is waiting for his girlfriend
To understand the value of a minute ask a man who missed his flight
To understand the value of a second ask a man who just survived a hit and run
To understand the value of a millisec ask a silver medalist at Olympics

You must have heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.In that the Hare stops and sleeps just before the finishing line and consequently Tortoise wins the race. Slow and Steady wins the race.This is the moral of the story whic we are learning since our huggies days.But let me tell you that this story is incomplete..yes incomplete.After that race the hare challenged the Tortoise once again and this time he didn't sleep and won. So the moral of the combined story is Slow and Steady 'Completes' the race but Fast and Consistent wins the race.In first story the Tortoise completes the race but in 2nd the Hare wins it.

People often thinks Life is a mere candle but for me Life is not a brief candle it is like a splendid torch which i have to hold for a moment and burnt it as brightly as possible before passing it to future generation.


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  2. When we were just in our early days, the time when we were just a kid or at our adolescent stage. We tend to not worry about time, but rather enjoying the present time.
    When people are getting older, we are starting to give more value to time by making a better time management.
    We know how important time is and we only like to do things that our time will not be wasted.

  3. I love it. They say that people who know they are sick begin to live life like there is no tomorrow. I wonder what the world would be like if we all did that and then made sure we taught at least one person our life lessons.

  4. very inspiring blog man... those examples of valuable time are great... you write good man...

  5. This is very nice detail about time, it is necessary to know importance of time because it play an important role in life.
    This is nice detail by you , your are writing from heart.

  6. First thing i liked about the article was your style and exaples of explaining how each and every millisec can be important to a person.

    Then read further and didn't gone even a point to disagre with you because yu rightly got the point that in past only stesdy would complete race but now we have to win and we have not to be slow but fast with consistency.

    You seems very convincing personality.

  7. As usual at your best.........and you can add one more to the time sequence,"To know the value of a nanosecond,ask the scientist who successfully caused the collision of an electron and a proton"

    And yes as you have said,being quick and consistent is very important now a days,earlier it was enough if you meet the dead line,but now a days you are evaluated based on the number of days you deliver before the dead line!

  8. The way we see life is indeed relative. While others see it as a candle and you look at it like a torch, I don't think there is any difference. The more important thing is, people try to put meaning to life.. As for the candle, it might not be that strong as the torch but still, it is a source of light in the darkness and though burning, tries to give light to those who are in dim.... it gives hope! Life is a continued path that will end somewhere... the meaning to it? We only know within ourselves.

  9. Totally agreed Webbie


    that is gud example

  10. true. time is very valuable. unfortunately, we can only appreciate its value when faced with great depressions like in the instances you've cited

  11. its a matter of one's mind. remember that nothing is impossible in the world. even the word impossible say that I-M-Possible. so be positive.