Thursday, June 26, 2008

OOL..Owl or Lark

Folks baptized me “ullu ka patha”(owls sycophant). At that time I just used to grumble at them but just few days back I came to know that owl is the “Bird Of Wisdom” All my 20 years of experience in the globe I thought it to be “Bird Of Night” , common sense isn’t it?

The audacious owl who surveys the world spreading the light of wisdom and strikingly polar is the melodious Lark, “the Bird of Songs” who wakes catching the first light of the biggest Star. The owl urges the people to gather knowledge and wisdom while the lark urges the people to arouse early, spread blithe and be carefree.
People often associate homo sapiens with the attributes similar to the animals. People who work better at night are considered Owls and people who work better in the early sunlight are considered as Larks. The owls prefer solitude while the larks are gregarious.
People who do better during moonshine generally live their life in problems and are usually busy finding solutions as they are intelligent .Dawn people are very blissful, carefree and live their life in present as they believe “Life is all about living in the moment”(Hrithik’s favorite liner).
I might be incorrect in judging the owls and larks but I reckon as there are two flip of a coin (polar) so there are two kind people ……….owl and lark.

I belong to the owls ………where do you belong??


  1. I am also an "ullu ka pattha"
    Belongs to Owl category.

  2. I belong to the lark. Nice post

  3. hey nice to c such thing ... but ullu and sensible ppl stay awake late

  4. i m definitely an ullu.. my mind seems to be more receptive during nytes............. :)