Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Strike

Like John Galt, Mamata Banerjee has called for The Strike and will stop the motor of the Parliament on Monday to protest the arrest of Sports & Transport minister of Bengal, Madan Mitra who is allegedly involved in Saradha Chit Fund Scam. But the difference is - Galt did for liberation, Miss Banerjee will do for destruction.

Miss Banerjee remarked, "I must tell those who are in power — stay within your limits or you will face the music"

There is nothing new when every word uttered from her mouth sounds like realm of malevolence- overbearing and threatening. The shriek of her hysterias is evident when her speeches, devoid of any logic, contain stream of profanities (shoving a bamboo in posterior of the PM). After the arrest of her minster, she is feeling weightless Earth and seeing starless Sky (She said, it’s the battle for survival now).

The school in which she went did not care to teach her to live by Reasons. Here are few reasons she must try to understand before agitating:-

1. It’s not the Modi Govt but the Supreme Court of India which handed over the Saradha scam probe to CBI after the initial inquiry revealed that 1.7 million investors (mostly poor) lost their money out of which 14 investors committed suicide.

2. The CBI is working under the watch of The Supreme Court of India (not under the watch of Central Govt).

3. Madan Mitra was produced in the CBI court whose judges are appointed by the state govt(not by the Central Govt).

4. Like every politician who is accused of crime, Madan Mitra also had the mysterious ability to fall ill when CBI wanted him to question him on the scam of Rs 4000 cr.

5. “There are reasons to believe that Mitra was involved with Sudipta Sen, MD of Saradha group, in plotting a conspiracy that ensured phenomenal growth of Saradha Realty within a period of two years at the expense of investors," said a CBI officer. Saradha Group’s biggest land assets were in Bishupur which is the constituency of Madan Mitra. Hence, there are prima facie evidences against him which is why CBI went ahead with the arrest.

6. Mitra had publicly endorsed Saradha Group, saying it’s MD Sudipta Sen who had shown “How to make ocean from a drop of water.” Mitra’s son reportedly got a Ferrari from Sudipta Sen.

It’s time for Mamata to face the music as lot of skeletons will come out of the closet in the near future. The next in line is probably the Rajya Sabha MP, Derek O’ Brien who had allegedly made fortunes when he was appointed as special consultant to Railway Minister during UPA II (Railways portfolio was with TMC from 2009 to 2012).

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