Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Memoirs of Cricket

Those were the days when life used to be a second priority against Cricket. The only thing which we look forward to the week was Sundays. The span of time between the Saturday evening and the Sunday morning, mostly, went dreaming of either taking wickets on every delivery or hitting sixes on each ball.

Train of cricketing thoughts used to board at the platform called sleep, only to be alighted at the station called Cricket Ground. Awaken on first sound of alarm at 4 am on chilly morning and frenetically calling friends to ensure they are all up and rushing.

Some used to steal themselves from their parents' eye, some unyielding as granite to their parents' chide but all as active as quicksilver used to march on the cricket ground on time.

Be it a freezing morning or an overly heated afternoon, nothing would matter except the lethal leather ball in the hand and the three wickets infront of the eyes. And whenever the sound of timber (wicket) reverberated in the labyrinth, like Alexander the Great, there was no more world left to conquer.

Oh! The mini heart attack when the ball missed the bails
Oh! The long cry of unfairness
Oh! The illusion of hope when trailing
Oh! The wild jump of elation when victorious
Oh! The crazy celebration, popping soft drink bottles after winning the match
Oh! The bitchy discussion on the way home- hailing the hero, chiding the villain

And the idea of relaxation after the match was to play more cricket matches (on terrace).

If Life could have been summed up in two syllables, they would have been "Cricket", if four then "Cricket, Cricket", if six then "Cricket, Cricket, Cricket”

Cricket taught us how to handle success, how to handle failure and how to fight back adversaries. We didn’t know while enjoying our first priority we were learning about the second.

Sometimes winning is everything| Wake the spirit| Leave your mark| Take a stand| Play with pride |Kill doubt| Choose a high| Live your dream |Now or never| Make waves| Never say die |Conquer your fear| Take risk| Erase boundaries| Beat the odds| Trust your instinct| Its your time| Taste Victory

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