Friday, March 20, 2009

Poor SRK...

As the adage goes “Icons are not born rather made”. Icons are epitomized by billions of people in the globe irrespective of caste, creed, and race. But I know an Icon who seriously forged encroachment to multitudes of people. And he is none other than self-proclaimed (pun intended) King Khan. Here are few of his deed indeed needed to be mentioned…

1.He is the only reason why Shahid is still single.Sweet Shahid Kapur watched one of his movie (KKHH) in which Srk said “Hum jeete hai ek baar, marte hai ek baar, pyar bhi ekhi baar karte hai” (I live once,I die once,I love only once)These holy words got adhered into the cells of his temple as leeches get stuck to human skins. I guess this is why shahid never got into any relationship after the notorious break up with his first and only love (haha…hum jeete hai ek baar,marte hai ek baar …...)
Oh! my poor cow just watch the movie again that baskey married twice in the movie yaar.

2.Every mommas in the country have develop an abhorrence and are deeply upset with Srk as he is having a deadly impact on their children.Here is one conversation to follow
Audacious 10 yr child to his mom..
Son (strong voice): “Mummie mujhe isi ladki se shaadi karni hai.”(I want to marry this girl)
Mom (angry): “Kyun?”(Why)
Son (adamant): “Mujhe ussme rab dikta hai “(I see Lords image in her visage)
Mom (got red) : “toh?”(So)
Son (smiles) : “rab ko to na nahi kiya jaataaa naaa… “(We never ignore Lord)

3.Srk has even irked the younkers of this country.
Most of the deluded (by girls) rookies have began fuddling (after Devdas).Few people have heard them pouting” chandramukhi ya paro kya farak parta hai yaaro.”

Before the movie RNBDJ a mere red rose was too much to get a yes from a girl. But after watching that crap idiosyncrasies of the fairer sex has changed. They now want some unique style of proposing citing examples like torching up the streets (I LOVE YOU…punjab power lighting up your life jee)…what the eff? uska baap elec supply me hai kya (his dad is in electric co.)?

**There was a time when Bollywood was dominated by three mega stars - Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand. These guys were far bigger than today's Kings and Queens but never used to proclaim who's is No.1....

P.S.This is my sheer innovation so dare not to share any of my jokes with cohorts


  1. the PJs are good.But I did not like a few words in the I am a big fan of SRK
    so,thumbs down

  2. Damn good man! U r a rockstar
    hats off to ur creativity...i rolled laughing reading ur joke.The shahid one was the best!

    keep rocking.


  3. hahahaha....awesome man!....
    i dont like him as he thinks too much of himself....
    and that all those 3 points u've said are too good and true!!!! keep on writing funny blogs! :)

  4. wht can i say ...
    gud goin ..
    keep it up ..!!

  5. very hilarious....

    good going bro....!

  6. Hey Ankit!

    that was more wackier than the Murphy and the rubber!

    Enjoyed it 

  7. First of all, sorry for reading it soooooo late......but now I'm cursing my luck that y did I missed this post for this long.....

    :P :P :P :P

  8. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahah ahahahhahahhahhaha..i couldnt stop laughing ultimate stuff buddy...

  9. "He is the only reason why Shahid is still single"

    But in the movie, SRK again falls in love and marries second time (with Kajol)

  10. ha ha ha.... great work... really funny :)))

  11. being one of those who dislikes Srk himself,I totally enjoyed the remarks...I have myself engaged in such comments often...I guess I will like to share a couple of pieces of my mind,encouraged by ur post on KKHH....


    do have a sure you are going to love this!!

  13. srk is great loser.a person who is just hungry for media attention and earning billions.i get pissed off by watching his interviews where he is so diplomatic and politically correct.seriouslt that song tujhmein irritating and you have succeeded in giving 3 valid points like your sarcasm as well.keep bashing these people!!

    i have also written about him on my blog.
    check it out

  14. lolz thats awsom

  15. this is sme post buddy that will actually male u roll on the floor wid laughter-really-an extreme creative aspect of lukin at things like idol worship in our country.

  16. hehe. Damn Funny. Especially the "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" part :P

    You are very creative. But you just need to brush up on your grammar a wee bit :) Otherwise, there's no doubting your creativity and sense of humour :)


  17. LOLzzzz !!! Very innovative ... :)


  18. I am a die hard SRK fan so not in agrement with all that you have posted though I must give you credit where its due as the post is very innovative.

  19. thik hi likhe hain..wo(srk) to ddlg se hi larki log ka vaw badha raha hai.aur rnbdj me to aasman me chadha diya hai....bhagwan bachayee.....pata nahi aage kya karne wala hai.......waise blog tha bara majedar...esi type ka hasi wala lkhiyega.....