Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aspiration v/s unreasonable demands...

“She smiled at you because she thinks you are her father’s best friend”……I pouted to my mate when he tried to hit at my gf. I’m addicted to mock at people and life seems to reciprocate it. My psychometric test result seems in ambivalent state...........

You have a desire to do your best and to explore your full potential. This gives you a sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment. However, it is important to learn how to distinguish between aspirations and unreasonable demands. With unreasonable demands you are being cruel to yourself and denying yourself the rewards and self-acceptance that you deserve.

Accomplishment and doing things well can feel good, as long as you don't make happiness and fulfillment contingent upon them”.

This is as true as Lord’s existence. I love people whose haunches are at acme, always try to learn and imitate them. I want more and more from life. The main question that itches my heart, kidney, liver is what is the fulfillment, how much I want to achieve, what is my satisfaction? I want to conquer the whole world? Were I a Hitler or something like that before my renaissance. When I go to my museum and turn pages of my past ……myriads of attributes has been juxtaposed beside my name but still my greedy heart wants more (Yeh dil maage more!).

I expect a lot from myself. I want everything that has its physical existence in this cruel globe. Am I suffering from paranoia? My unreasonable demands never make my eye have a deep slumber. Polar to this I am getting ruffer & tuffer day by day. I have become robust and adept. I always try to face the predicament with audacity thinking these are very tiny more are yet to come.

But one sentence that halts my modus operandi ……

Will I fall apart? I neither want to be ice nor any celestial body….


  1. I have already told you- I'm fan of your writing style. I don't possess that art of responding to the post in same manner that's why I didn't mark my presence in last post (even though I liked it)

    btw, Nice posting especially last lines "Ice-cream is small and Galaxy is bigger than our imagination. Both look awesome when nexus but when falls apart; it seeps and disappears into thin air"

    I am always afraid that my comment will look awful in front of ur post.

  2. Very well done, the mediators are vivid and really make you feel the conflict of the aspiration vs the unreasonable demand.

    well done.

  3. This post was written in a most articulate writing style and I will be visiting again. I am stumbling this post too.