Saturday, February 23, 2008


When I was born people were rejoicing (ladka hua) and i was crying seeing the scissor which cut my umbilical cord(isn’t it ridiculous,I don’t remember but that’s common sense). My family pedigree always represented blue-blood but with my birth it turned red.

After completing two decade in this earth when I go back to my huggies days (although I never wore it) I wonder what a brat I was. Just as a car without wheels, temple without an idol, me without puchkas doesn’t make sense, the word SCREWED with reference to my childhood is also senseless. Kuttipissah, yes that’s the word which the Malayalese describe for the small little devil. I had been into all the professions that I knew those days whether it be an engineer(used to postmortem all the electronic gadgets, that’s why today I am so called engineer),doctor(used to mix several medicines), businessman(tearing my notebook for virtual money and then play dukan dukan),police inspector (standing infront of mirror wearing a cap and with a stick in hand ),judge(take a hammer and then order order),Tipu Sultan(the sword which I often used to buy from balloonwala ),sportsman or rather a cricketer(there was no tube left in my home which me and my big B never broke).Newton’s third law was deeply in love with me. To every action of mine there was opposite reaction by my mom.

As a mundane I was also admitted to school (St.Aloysius).You will reckon that was the most sulking day of my life but that is deprecated. When I saw Mrs Julie entering ,I was hypnotized like a small child seeing the magic for the first time uuf she was so gorgeous and sexy (see how naughty I was at the age of 6) that my temple gorged by her whimsical figure. I used to act as a na├»ve in her class. She used to call students ”oye hero” and when I was called by that name (oh I had always wished to be in utopia with her) my adrenaline gland used to double its secretion and I used to feed my senses. I am my favorite so whenever I was asked who is your favorite actor I always said the obvious. But she was available only for a year (dirty minds, now don’t think she was a……).
As time passed by we were all exalted and in second standard a new sentence struck me “School is our second home”. I don’t exactly remember who that teacher was but if I knew the F word then, the consequence would have been the obvious, Termination or rather Ostracized.

Then came the years of obscurity ,where I made myriad faux passes and again screwing up my life.I got detached from my studies not knowing the reason, probably a jinx to my school life our unbeloved physics teacher Mr.Douloi .The earthly creature to which he most resembled was a Black Bull. He used to howl like anything , the student spoofingly agreeing to whatever he teached (exactly opposite what was written in the books).He was the only reason, I reckon why i was “promoted on trial” in eight standard (I was never a dull student).In coming years he was demoted and never took our classes(several complains were lodged to the principal by us). He was replaced by likes of sir Nobert Paul(the most evoking person in my life although many disliked him), Gopal Mishra (I disliked him).Transformation from 5 subject red mark getter to 12th rank getter was never easy but I however managed it with my sheer diligence and conducive efforts of my friends (Soumen and Piyush,class toppers).

I know that this is the most boring blog you have ever read but friends I am not going to stop(I will not say picture abhi baki hai,you all are too smart to understand that. ). I will abide by what was planned for me by the Holy Lord…. to bore people.
Next blog will be of my Thomas days. So keep an eye. Till then Happy Boring!!!


  1. Hey Arjun!!
    You remind me of my own writing!!
    so well put!
    Just an advice .. change the background of your blog.. or chnage the font color.. it sticks to eye, never put opposite colors in HTML.. choose something ligh colored and pleasing to eyes.. 100s of people are waiting to read you!
    all the best!

    use this site to connect to your site.. by this way u can see who has read ur blogs and from where

  3. hey dude!! i never taut u english......then from where???

    itz simply gr8 ......


  4. Hi Ankit,
    it's really worth reading your blog.
    I like the way you express yourself and style of writing. awesome yaar!

  5. Great reading the post. Since I've subscribed to your feed I'll be reading whenever you post. This entry will be featured in my "Tuesday readings".

    Keep Blogging..

  6. Hi ankit this is nice reading here
    great starting keep going.

  7. hi, you are very honest to tell the story about you.. nice.. :)

  8. "I know that this is the most boring blog you have ever read"

    Yes,I mean exactly in the opposite sense :P

    You seem to have done a lot of pranks in your childhood days and enjoyed your childhood days a lot :)

  9. u have the abilty to write so honestly ! good to read it .