Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sourav "Dada" Ganguly...

Being an Indian celebrity is always a challenge that nurtures 3 folds especially if you belong to the cricketing world.Whether you be Cricketer,Bolly Star,Politician all have special priority list in media (and if u seek attention of INDIA TV then only Yama can save u).Here is a live testimony who have seen the greatest ups and downs of his career,probably has gone through enormous media attention……he is none other than who is Known as “THE FATHER OF ALL COMEBACK” yes I am talking about the Prince of Kolkata Saurav Ganguly.After the spectacular debut century at Lords the media juxtaposed beside his name myriad attributes like “Dada”, ”The Maharaj”, ”Royal Bengal Tiger”.Life went smooth for him for coming 4 years.In 2000,after the greatest incident of Match Fixing Saurav was exalted as a protagonist .A vigilant by nature ,with sheer determination,inborn leadership quality he made a young team which won the epic test match at the Eden Gardens,the Natwest Final, reached the World Cup finals and many victories under his belt which gave him the title of India’s most successful captain.
Then came the Zimbabwe tour in 2005 when he was asked to step down by the calcutta’s favorite middle finger guru.The media went against him and he was ultimately pigeonholed.Actually that was a blessing in disguise for him.The then Pandits of cricket wrote him off and counsel him to retire,even his team-mates ignored him but the tiger is after all a tiger.He was certain that his comeback is inevitable.After one and half year of sheer diligence,he left no stone unturned and in 2007 there was The Rise Of Phoenix thanks to the new chief selector.
He was so ardent about his comeback that he even went against his one time Godfather Mr.Dalmia.His bull dog determination surmounted all the bridges behind him.Today he is worshipped and epitomized by millions of youths in India.
By judging we can say.. He showed us how to handle success,how to handle failure,how to handle criticism,how to fight back adversities.He proved that Faith when blended with passion and desire can elude impossibilities.Well for joke there is new word included in the dictionary Gangulified which means thrown out and then recalled . Kudos!! for such a chivalrous Fighter .


  1. hi! your blog story:
    showing that you're brave..go for the gold!!

  2. wow..well said mate..sourav is player in world like him..never say die attitude..gr8 fighting spirit..just hatsoff 2 him..salute to dis legend..

  3. I can't fight off the feeling that you've lost all semblance of perspective in this article!

  4. dada is d one who rule d indian-cricket.. and ofcourse all motherfucker will deny this..

  5. Dude,

    You are true there is no one like Sourav Ganguly. He made a lesser impact in this year's IPL but I am sure that he will return with big bang next year (though heard that there are conspiracies to not to inculde him in the team). I am a big fan of cricket, and of Sourav Ganguly. He is the epitomb of success, an icon and a polished wise captain. Whatever he does, where ever he goes tends to bring in some excitement in any form -whether pure cricket or off field entertainment. He is the champion and the BEST!! Salute to you Sourav on serving Indian Cricket with so much determination and faith. Salute to you Oh Lordie!!!!