Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Choices I Had

I thought of becoming a Doctor,for one-I had handwriting & I knew the difference b/w pulmonary arteries & pulmonary veins. Then XYZ sex determination chromosome(punishable) forced me to quit

I thought of becoming a Lawyer,for one-I had good vocal cords and argumentative skills. Then I realized I cannot become a lawyer as everyone understands what I say

I thought of becoming a Gambler(share market),for one–I had the recipe of success : analytical skill, probabilistic skill and tenacity. Then I realized recipes don’t work without salt. Salt=Luck

I thought of becoming an Indian Novelist,for one–I had naturally occurring grammatical erring skills. Then I realized constructing a perfect sentence is the not the easiest thing in the world

I thought of becoming a Comedian,for one-I had timing and content. Then I was too strong to make fun of myself or too lean to make fun of others

After failing in the above vocations, I become an Engineer and got an IIM tag

*IIM= Indian, IT and Male