Saturday, December 20, 2008


04/100 and 03/100 was my score in the first, second terminal examination(ripleys believe it or not!). Mesmerized? as a child who is seeing the magic but for the first time? yes this was my score in mathematics when I was in eighth standard (irony (breaking news): today I am an IT Engineer). Even Aryabhatta would have repented why he invented zero seeing the score of his indigenous student to be equivalent to it. Mathsophobia...more than seventy percent of greenhorn toddlers in India gets intimidated by the numeral system and being my inclination towards true patriot I was not left behind in-fact belonging to crème-de-la-crème of the seventy percent.

My aversion towards MAD-HE MAD-ICS began as an amateur when I was besieged to learn the multiplication tables and division juxtaposed to my woes. I contemplated, had there been only addition and subtraction, my stack of score could have been overflowed. My memory processing unit used to melt down whenever instruction like ÷,×,≥,≤,<,> came for opcode fetch. The memory read and memory write operations used to play game of swapping amongst in the neuron (yeah I really enjoyed learning 8085 microprocessor this semester :-)…. The huge Sridhar Acharaya formula still haunts me. How can any Indian with such spiritual name do this to another Indian?
At the eleventh hour of my exams I used to implore and adulate cohort for some illegal help.
My weary soul was searching for a lighthouse and I was like a floating ship without rudders.OMG! How I wish Taare Zameen Par was released at that time, I would have considered myself as “Lord’s Special child” .

I was deluded by people saying maths is as docile as a lamb. An inner racket woke my dormant mad-he-mad-ics talent. As vying got tougher (gratitude to my big ego…) it kindled my inner fire that was lurking for years. Consolidating my fragmented aplomb, I began to plan my maths innings. My first endeavor was to mug up the problems and guess what I was lucky enough… (Defacto : “something is better than doing nothing”) following the trend of Bengali egalitarian of mugging up everything. My sheer diligence fostered my score to move northward and abhorrence towards maths to move southward. My confidence grew more robust, mates independent and secure (java is too high on my priority list…)
As my adeptness pampered, the door of comprehending the problems got ajar and rest is history.

“Feed the faith fear will starve to death”

P S: Grammatical errors are intuitive to me and Chetan Bhagat..:-)


  1. Hey ur maths thing was intresting and nice ... and that finishing touch about ur grammer mistak was alos good..

  2. ur maths story was intresting..
    and ur finishing touch about that grammer mistake was also good..

  3. hey if post is such good then grammatical errors hardly matters though I couldn't find any of them here :)

  4. This is your now Blog I have happy to see some detail about you, good work.

  5. i like math but never get best score too, but i am now an IT enginer.. :)

  6. we hope obama will bring the change,, and there is will be a peace on earth..

  7. "The huge Sridhar Acharaya formula still haunts me. How can any Indian with such spiritual name do this to another Indian?"

    :lol.....and now, at last,'Mad-he-mad-ics' became mathematics? :P

  8. Great blog with interesting posts! I'll be following this one ; )

  9. i aint gud in maths too but iam an accountant now :D

  10. I have a strong belief. Nature abhors mathematics.

  11. cool post dude....

    were there any major grammatical mistake.. i cud not find any major one..:)